Thursday, 22 October 2015

My go-to nude lip || Kylie Jenner Inspired

 Yeah, this is my first blog post, how exciting!! Kylie Jenner's lips have been a large part of the beauty world this year. Causing lots of controversy over whether she has surgery in which she admitted too a few month ago, personally I believe that if people aren't confident about something and they see surgery as an option, then it's up to them whether they want to have surgery or not. 

Another question that has been asked is 'What is THAT colour?', there's been hundreds of different lip combinations that have been suggested. The go-to matte lip she wears and everyone loves can be worn in all the seasons. I think that there are lots of different ways in which this lip can be worn; with a dark smoky eye, warm or cool toned, or with a very natural look. 

The best combo ever!! Whirl lipstick, Whirl Liner and Vamplify lipgloss in 'Anything But Demure' 

The top swatch is the Whirl lipstick, in the middle is the Whirl liner and at the bottom is the Vamplify lipgloss

After recently nosying around the mac store i discovered the new vamplified high pigmented lip glosses, this month i also picked up the notorious lip she Whirl in the lipstick and lip liner form. I feel that the whirl combination is a more cool tone take on the KJ lip, this look is a matte look, but can also be transformed with the vamplified lip gloss, for a high shine look. 

I also love the combination of mac's soar lip liner with the brave lipstick for a more warm, pinky looking lip. This has been another combination that has been noticed by a variety of other people. 

I'm hoping to be posting more soon, i hope you enjoy this post and that it helps you! 

Lots of Love,